FORAGE: a wide search over an area in order to obtain something

yes. we are foragers. we seek inspiration daily, for art, for beauty... we spend our wedding days foraging for the perfect spot, the perfect details, the perfect moment. Foraging is organic. it is unpredictable, and full of promise. It is finding the perfect windswept hair, or loose flowing bouquet. It is the unstructured natural beauty in our craft. 

 FILM:  the first medium to capture images, dating back to the 1800's, yet still used today

film is our medium. it is timeless in nature, and look. it has preserved memories for centuries. it demands careful curation, and an artists mind, in order to capture an heirloom worthy of being hung on walls with every click of the shutter. It is the cornerstone of our art, and the foundation of our company. 


Coming up with a word, or string of words that perfectly embody who you are as a company, while being unique and catchy is difficult! but it was so important to us to have a name that reflects our deep love of natural elements in nature, props, and emotion, as well as our heart for creating truly timeless images that can be loved for many life times! we love this brand, and we hope you do too!


xo Nicole + Jordan