Womp Womp...

Sometimes things seem to happen at the most in opportune time.... Here I am editing away, swooning over some gorgeous wedding pictures, minding my own business, and then it happened. My beloved iMac dies. It stops wanting to do anything I tell it to do, and all my work comes to a complete stop. So the next day when the apple store is open Jordan and I lug it in, in hopes of a quick fix... Here is a not so great picture of our beloved desktop at the "doctor". The guy thought I was... crazy interesting.




They run some tests, and 3 hours later they are still not sure what the issue is. So they ask us to keep it over night, which i begrudgingly agreed to.  They promise to call the next day for with the diagnosis. Next day... no call. Day 3, I call. I explain just want to get back to work, and need my computer for this! Thats when they deliver the bad news.... the motherboard is done for, and the cost to replace an repair everything is more than the computer is worth at this point.


My heart sank. What would we do? I run our business from this desktop!


Luckily we have been pretty smart with our money, and even luckier I have a husband to keep me sane. So we were able to figure out a way to purchase a new iMac. And this one will be 27in, with solid state drive capacity. High speed program opening... heck yes. Now the downside of this super awesome new desktop...because we upgraded the computer  it is taking 2 weeks to get here. So for now I am typing way on my macbook pro, and waiting for our new favorite computer :)


So while we are in the process of waiting for a new desktop/transferring all programs, and getting everything just the way we like it, we may be a little slower with posts, emails, Facebook, edits and what not. So while the madness is going on we so so so appreciate your patience and understanding.


Also- if anyone was worried... we did not loose any images or data. Thumbs up for backing up everything :)


even if  these events can be a little stressful, I am so thankful to be in such a rewarding field. When something seems to go wrong, something else amazing seems to happen at the same time. This weekend we get to spend our time at the beach, shooting a wedding. And not just any wedding... but a family members wedding!  So yes, we will be soaking up the sun, enjoying friends and family doing what we love.


Yes, life is good.


xo N