Alright, many of you know that all of the team members here at TLBS graduated from NC State University... and if you know me, you also know that that ^ is the most school spirit filled thing I have ever done. What can I say... I'm not from around here haha.

Even though I am not my alma matters #1 cheerleader, I am still connected to this school and each time I find myself in an opportunity to return to its brick filled campus I can not help but feel a sense of nostalgia. So when we were asked by our sweet friend Alex to do just a few graduation pictures for her, I of course couldn't turn her down even if senior photos aren't "our thing."

So there I was, in the Court of Carolinas.... quite possibly the only reasonably attractive spot on main campus... and the spring flowers were in full bloom (with one of them smelling super foul...) the weather was amazing, the sun was out... and there was a girl walking her hamster.


Yes. you read that right. She was enjoying the calm afternoon on the brick sidewalk, with her pet hamster out enjoying the fresh air and what looked like a little hamster cookie. Thought #1 that crossed my mind.... I WISH JORDAN WAS HERE WITH MY CAMERA! Seriously, worst timing ever to not have your camera on you ( he had it with him starting to take Alex's photos.) Thought #2... This is something I actually miss about being in school. You seriously never ever know what you or who you are going to see. Do not get me wrong, I LOVE meeting all of our fabulous clients! However, there is something so unique about a college campus demographic, and it reminds you that this world is full of so many interesting people that you can learn from, and share new (and sometimes strange) experiences with. So a word of advice from a girl who did not take the time to  meet every person possible during her own undergraduate career: Go out there and invest in people, even if your shy and timid like me..... ESPECIALLY THE GIRL WALKING A HAMSTER. Seriously girl, if your reading this... you rock.


So on that note, I leave you with my beautiful friend Alex (and a few of her sweet *new* fiancé Phillip) getting ready for graduation. Congratulations pretty girl, I know you are going to do great things out there in the "real" world!


x0 Nicole