Winton Salem Wedding: Katherine + Michael


Prior to this wedding day I had never been to Winston Salem, and I gotta say, it is super freaking cute! There are charming tree lined streets, adorable homes with bright shutters and even picket fences. Yes, this day was just filled with quaint moments, and I loved it! Even though the rain was pretty persistent for the entire day, this sweet couple just kept smiling!! We skipped down tree lined lanes with umbrellas, and puddle jumped our way to the ceremony, and it was FUN! We loved spending this magical day with Katherine and Michael, and also loved that these two chick -fil-a owners  brought not only nuggets to the big day but also the chick-fil-a cow!!! How fun is that?!? He was a surprise visitor for our beautiful bride, and seeing her reaction was priceless. Then the party was on, and can I just say, this brides sweet momma puts my dance moves to SHAME! Seriously, she rocks.

We love you guys, and are so thankful you brought us along on your fun day!

xo Nicole