When you find yourself in a rut...

The other day Jordan looked to me, and simply asked "what do you enjoy doing each day?" The moment he asked I felt like I had been hit by a ton of bricks. Yes, I love my job...being a part of our amazing couples wedding journey is such a great source of joy. But the day to day grind of this profession is slightly less glamorous... editing, transferring files...and yes, taxes. Usually this part of business is not a thief of joy in my life... so why was I having a hard time thinking of what I loved about each day of my life? Then I started to put the pieces together... My horse was recently injured which was a huge blow, its mid wedding season, so lets face it, there is more work on the back end of the business, my sister is getting married soon, which is awesome, but a little time consuming, and I wasn't making time to do anything that would help fulfill me... which is usually being creative. So upon realizing this, the very next day I marched my butt into Michael's, and came home with watercolor paint, paper, and brushes. I decided I would try to teach myself to paint. I guess I can also be a little ambitious at times.  

So that day i sat down, blobbed my paint out onto my little tray, and started mashing around the colors, thinking it would instantly turn into a beautiful soft pallet of colors, with whimsical hand lettered elements. Ummm...not quite. This was the first attempt.




Although attempt number one was not quite what I had envisioned for it, it did teach me some things NOT to do... so about 2 hours later (after my frustration subsided) I decided to sit down, and try again. But this time I figured it would help if I sketched out what i wanted first... which was a bird. Then slowly I started filling in the lines.... and it resulted in this little guy.... a little bit better!




The next day i woke up and just wanted nothing more than to try again... I guess I was getting hooked! So there I sat, with my tray of colors, and just started dabbling the colors onto paper, watching the water decide which direction it wanted to go. I ended my day with two new pieces. The floor one is not quite done... I will be putting something in the middle, I just have not decided what yet!




So am I a professional artist/painter? ABSOLUTELY NOT! For all you real artists out their, I applaud your ability to tell stories with color, and I hope one day to be half as good as you. But being amazing at this was not my goal. I wanted to do something that made me feel joy, made me feel creative, and made me feel like me. Painting these images did just that, and I can say I went into this past weekends wedding feeling re-inspired, and full of fresh ideas.


Thanks Jordan for shaking me out of my rut with your simple question... you are my better half.


xo Nicole