What a Weekend!

All I can say is WOW. This has been such an incredible weekend here at Three Little Birds Studio! It started off on Thursday, with a GORGEOUS engagement session that I just can not wait to share! Then Friday kicked off round one of the first ever CLIC Conference, where I got to meet, learn from, and work with some of THE most incredible ladies in this industry... and then came Saturday. Y'all this was seriously one of my favorite days ever. I started my morning off with the amazing team at Diamonds Direct Crabtree to participate in their first ever March of Brides event, and ended my day at part two of the CLIC Conference, which was a hands on workshop with Kelly Martin and Amanda Hedgepeth, two absolutely amazing wedding photographers, as well as many other fabulous vendors. Now I can't wait to blog about each of these things individually, but for now I hope y'all can enjoy a couple of March of Brides photos, while I finish downloading/uploading/whatever-loading all of these images from this overwhelmingly awesome weekend!  

Happy Monday!



March of Brides002_0314

This was our little table set up... I love decoratingMarch of Brides012_0314

Each bride-to-be got a shirt and INCREDIBLE diamond head band ;)March of Brides057_0314

We snapped this picture of Jordan before she won our Gift Certificate... Isn't she so cute??March of Brides068_0314

The ladies showing off their bling!

March of Brides072_0314March of Brides073_0314

Who knew dressing men could be so hard??March of Brides080_0314

Erica from Bob and the Showgram came out to rally the brides... she is just awesome!March of Brides084_0314

Can you say game face??March of Brides088_0314

Seriously, she was in it to win it! Checking that wind out!March of Brides090_0314March of Brides099_0314March of Brides115_0314March of Brides123_0314March of Brides128_0314

We used one of Ashley and Curts beautiful pictures for our game of "spot the difference!"March of Brides142_0314

They had 30 seconds to eat as many mini cupcakes as they could.... yes it is as awesome as it sounds. March of Brides146_0314March of Brides169_0314

This cake by Ashley cakes was just too pretty not to post!