Welcome to Forage + Film!

I was on the brink of a deep sleep around midnight. Not quite asleep, not quite awake. I turned over to see my sleepy husband of a mere month snuggled up to my side. i was so happy to finally be married to this man! but not everything was perfect. there was the issue of my job. it wasn't that it was bad... i just felt really stuck and stagnant. these were the thoughts clouding my mind that night, when out of the blue a though came out of my mouth as quickly as it entered my mind.

"jordan, I am going to start a wedding photography company." 


yes, just like that, moments before falling fast asleep i decided to start a company. and somehow, for some reason, jordan was on board. i had never done anything like this. i was as unprepared as could be. non the less, within two weeks i put in my notice at my 9-5 job, and started what became known as Three Little Birds Studio! 

now here we are two and a half years later, and i find myself shedding our first name, that i still actually really adore. but it was time for a change. i have grown, and developed, just as this company has, and it needed a name that matched its evolved vision. not to mention the plethora of other reasons that prompted the need for change, such as its search ability, and other companies having the same name and such... 

so why Forage + Film? we thought long and hard about our new name. we wanted it to really reflect where we were and where we want to go with this company. we still didn't want to use our names, because they are generic and boring. so we made lists of things that were a part of our vision and brand. it was through this we came up with forage + film! 


forage- we forage literally at every shoot. we go out and search for provisions, whether that is light sources, accents, locations or details. but it goes deeper. foraging is organic, and is the connection to natural elements that we crave. 

film- this is our medium of choice! we shoot film, but this word represents more. film is timeless, and classic. it represents our desire to create heirlooms that stand the test of time, just like film has done over the years! it is truly the cornerstone of our brand! 


and there you have it! we hope you love our new name as much as we do! we sure do hope you will continue to follow along on our journey to defining ourselves! 

website: www.forageandfilm.com

email: hello@forageandfilm.com 

instagram: @forageandfilm


xo Nicole