We Love New York.

So if you guys have been follwoing us here on our blog, or facebook, or even instagram, you may have noticed we went to THE New York City to shoot the beautful Morgan/Smith wedding! Honor and Zach's special day was oh so magical, and we can not WAIT to show you all of their stunning photos! But while those are being edited and what not I wanted to share a little of our trip with you! We had the pleasure of being able to stay in the city for a few extra days, and it was awesome! I have been to there a couple of times, but this was Jordan's first time so I had a lot of fun sharing some of my favorite things about the city with him! AND I am happy to report he loves it there as much as I do now. So watch out New York, you may have two new residents coming your way in the future! But for now here is a little peek at our mini vacation!

When we got to the city they lost our bag, so it was being delivered to us. And it was stressful (we needed our wedding clothes for the next day!) So I rewarded myself with a cupcake from the cupcake ATM for keeping my cool with the airline people. 2014-06-22_0002.jpg

We hung out in Central Park, and explored the area for the next days wedding. And I fould these cute little pods. 2014-06-22_0001.jpg

THEN the storm of all storms rolled in. We had to walk back to hour hotel. In the rain. With no bag full of dry clothes to change into. Perfect. Yes we sat soaking wet on the bed while waiting for our suitcase to arrive. 2014-06-22_0003.jpg The wedding day I am happy to say went perfectly! So the morning after the wedding we treated ourselves to a delicious brunch (and they had the coolest light fixtures!) They sat us by a window, so naturally it turned into an inpromtu portrait session. 2014-06-22_0004.jpg 2014-06-22_0005.jpg Later we visted a beautiful old church! 2014-06-22_0006.jpg Then we went to Brooklyn and ate at Grimaldi's Pizza. SO SO GOOD. Then we walked the Brooklyn Bridge. And took a selfire. Obvi. 2014-06-22_0008.jpg We also stopped at a pretty little garden. And took another selfie. 2014-06-22_0009.jpg And another one.

2014-06-22_0026.jpg So after exploring some of Brooklyns finest, the next day we went to the "heart" of Manhattan... Times Square. But on our way we found some more great light... so we stopped. 2014-06-22_0012.jpg Then we got to Time Square. And took a selfie. In the middle of the road. The second picture is the aftermath.... haha . 2014-06-22_0013.jpg We decided to find a food truck for dinner, and on our way found a neat light source. And took portraits. 2014-06-22_0014.jpg Then I tried to find Grand Central Station. Almost failed. Almost. 2014-06-22_0015.jpg

2014-06-22_0016.jpg 2014-06-22_0018.jpg This guy looked worried. I on the otherhand was living the dream. "I'm Flying!" 2014-06-22_0017.jpg The next day we found ourselves in Central Park again, because it is seriously gorgeous. This also turned into a mini photo shoot. Because, photogrpahers. Duh. 2014-06-22_0020.jpg 2014-06-22_0021.jpg

This guy was watching us.... 2014-06-22_0022.jpg We also payed respect to those who lost their lives at the World Trade Center. This was such an emotional experience, and I can highly reccomend visiting this memorial to anyone. 2014-06-22_0019.jpg We spent the rest of our time doing what tourist do... visiting places and such... taking selfies... Don't mind my crazy hair... 2014-06-22_0023.jpgThis was the Apple Store. The stairs were legit. 2014-06-22_0025.jpg On the last day, I found the horses... which I love. And I also fell in love with a giant giraffe... which Jordan would not let me keep... 2014-06-22_0024.jpg

So the one important thing NOT pictured here, is my NYC loot. I am not talking cheesy shirts, or mugs... I'm talking carbs. In Bagel form. Thats right people, I brought back 8LBS of BAGELS home with me. If you have never had a NYC bagel, then you need to hop on the next flight and GO GET ONE. You won't regret it. Just make sure you leave room in your suitcase... because they can be a little bit heavy to lug around the airport in your carry on. And you may get strange looks from the security people... Just saying..

Well thats all for now! Let us know your favorite spot in NYC so that we can be sure to check it out next time we are there!

xo Nicole