Wake Forest Sunrise Session: Katherine + Michael


It is not very often I see the sun rise... in fact i usually save this phenomenon for Christmas. But I may start reconsidering this trend. Recently we made the trip out to Wake Forest for a sunrise engagement session, and OH MY GOSH the light was so dreamy!! The soft golden colors and the rising fog were amazing. In fact it tied PERFECTLY into this sweet couples entire look! Katherine and Michael decided to class it up incorporating evening attire and gold sparkle into the session and I am so glad they did! The light the colors... her amazing red hair. Gosh everything about it was just stunning! We also loved this morning time with these two, as it gave us a chance to hang out pre day stress, and we fell even more in love  with them! First  off, they are opening their very own Chick-fil-a!! How amazing is that??? Secondly he is basically superman and does crazy long bike rides and triathlons. Seriously I can't even run to my mail box...

All in all, Jordan and I were just so inspired by these two, they are just the sweetest and we could not be any more excited for their big day which can't get here soon enough!

xo Nicole