#TwoNutzBecomeOne: My Sister is Married!

Oh my gosh y'all. I can not even express how surreal it feels to be writing this post. My sister is married! I have a new AWESOME brother-in-law! How amazing is that? I am so thankful for the week we got to spend up in Michigan to celebrate these two, as it allowed us to really get to know our new family members, and just soak in all the joy that a wedding brings! Jordan and I got to see Lake Michigan, which was actually really beautiful, we ate some good food, and had even better company. Not only did we get to know Brent's family, but we got to spend time with our family that we never get to see, since they live so far away! My Aunt Caroline (my sisters name sake) flew in from England, as did our very close family friends (that may as well be family) Sarah, Pat and Jenny. We also had our relatives fly in from Vancouver Island! So all in all it was filled with SO much love, and I can not express how wonderful it was to spend time with these people that I love so much! Now the wedding day its self, was just awesome! Hardly ever can you look back on a wedding day and say "well that went off without complications!" And that is exactly what I can say about Caroline and Brent's wedding! Us girls had an early start with hair and make-up, which Brent's sister, Jessica did for us! Side note: seriously Jessica, thank you so much for doing ALL of our hair! You worked so hard, and did an amazing job... And we are all beyond thankful :) Since we would be spending hours in the room that morning, I arranged to have a nice big breakfast for the girls, with a tea-party theme... to match her bridal shower! I still dream of those chocolate covered strawberries...

Once we arrived at the venue, everything was pretty much set! As soon as we saw all the decorations I was so relieved, because it looked awesome, and I knew Caroline was happy, and that made me happy! And from there it really was smooth sailing... for the most part! I would say the only thing that went "wrong" was my bad luck. As I stood next to my beautiful sister as she said her I-do's, the first thing I noticed, was I felt a little itchy on my toes. Then a lot. I was basically in an ant pile. Go figure. Then, my sister handed me her GORGEOUS bouquet for me to hold. Turns out, I have noodles for arms. My arms got SO tired holding both of our flowers... I almost dropped them. BUT I didn't, so I count that as a win haha. Despite my shortcoming, the ceremony really was wonderful, and the reception was just a blast. I think my favorite part of the evening was getting in the photo booth with my amazing grandmother :) She is so cool!


Any way, Caggy, I am so very happy for you. You looked amazing, the wedding was amazing, and your new husband is amazing. Brent- you're stuck with us now, so I hope you don't mind! We all love you, and are so excited for your future together :)


We got to explore Lake Michigan- I had no idea it would really be like being at the beach! It was awesome!My dad... the eternal child at heart. I love him!Jordan juggling his phone, a shoe, and a pack of mints. A man of many talents.

Wednesday we went to dinner with these two and Brent's wonderful parents. It was so nice to just relax together. Aren't they cute?And then Dad happened. And then the next day was the rehearsal!  Brent's brother is seriously like 7ft tall. Maybe not quite that tall... but pretty freaking close. I am wearing 4 inch heals!You so fly. My did Leapt the entire way down the isle. Seriously. After all of the rehearsing, we went to a lovely rehearsal dinner... this was our view!Then the next morning was the wedding day!! The beautiful bride :)Brent's wedding gift to caroline was the infinity necklace! This was Caroline's gift to Brent- inside was a set of photos I did of Caroline last time she was in town :) Dad getting his flowers pinned on by my wonderful mother.

They are so stinking cute. Here she comes!!!

Yay they are married!

Giving his toast.

I do not really know what I am doing haha 

My parents are the most perfect model of a happy marriage. I can only hope Jordan and I are this lucky. 

Again... I do not know.

This is my mum and her sister, my aunt Caroline! They are two peas in a pod, and I love them both so much!

Meet Sarah, Jenny and Pat! Our adopted family from England :)

These two have been best friends since they were like 7. 

Jordan being Jordan... taking a selfie.

My other favorite part of the wedding... we released LANTERNS!! Seriously so fun!

On the way back to North Carolina we stopped at Jordan's grandparents house for dinner. They are just the sweetest :)