Tuesdays Reality Check



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Last night just before bed, Jordan and I went on a walk with our two sweet dogs, and just got to relax, enjoy the unusually cool evening, and actually enjoy each others company! We go to talking about what we did that day (which is something we try to do every day) and how lucky we are. We own our own business, Jordan is in one of the top schools for his department pursuing a PhD, and we have a great community of friends and family. But we also started talking about how our lives are perceived by others, mostly through social media.

When people hear what Jordan and I do, we almost always get some variation of the following sentiments in their reaction:

1. it must be great to only work on the weekends

2. you two must get to spend a lot of time together

Never are these statements made out of malice, but it just makes me chuckle, as it is so far from reality... a reality that I probably do not do a very good job of showing!


So although I live a life full of stunning weddings, beautiful details, and lots of love, today is my own reality check. I have spent the past two days 1. meeting with my accountant and 2.  Keeping up with paperwork, doing my banking/taxes/book keeping. All while Jordan has left each morning at 6am to go to work, meaning I will see him just in time for him to go to bed! Sounds fun right?


What my current workspace looks like... sorry for the crappy phone photo. There was no way to make this situation glamorous haha.

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I am in no way complaining, because in the grand scheme of things, we have it pretty good. But today has done a great job in reminding me that no matter what you do in life, you have to hustle each day to make something you are proud of!


So I applaud you Tuesday Tax day... your kick in the butt has served its purpose in keeping me humble. But I can I just say I hope that Wednesday brings me some wedding photographer fun!


xo Nicole