Today is a GREAT Day!


Oh gosh, I am beyond excited for today!!! Today is a wedding day... but not just ANY wedding day.  It is my childhood/life long friend, Melissa's wedding day!!!! I am so incredibly happy and honored to be celebrating this day with her, as her bridesmaid AND wedding photographer!!! Really how freaking lucky am I??  Side note... be on the look out for a future post on how I manage to shoot and be in weddings (3rd time is a charm!)


As I mentioned I have known Melissa for a life time. We played barbies together, had slumber parties... and played several games of dress up while painting her little brothers nails (sorry James!!) Then this sweet lady transitioned from fellow barbie lover into my college roommate. Then when it was time for Jordan and I to get hitched, she stood at my side as one of my bridesmaids. Like I said, this girl has been there through it all.

Melissa, I am so so happy for you and Justin. Your friendship has been a cornerstone in my life, and I love you like a sister. Justin... I am so glad you found my sweet friend, as I think you are pretty wonderful together. Take good care of her, she deserves this world and more.


I love you guys, and happy wedding day!!!





And for your viewing pleasure, Me, Melissa, and her (also awesome) twin sister Melinda... circa terrible highlights and Matching Shirts