The Thief of Joy



I do not usually write posts that are on the more personal side, but hey... sharing is caring right?? So here I go...

Doubt. We are all familiar with it. You can doubt your choice of clothing, hair style.. heck even men. But there is an even worse kind of doubt. And that is doubting yourself. If you were to ask the people closet to me... such as my wonderful husband, if I were a victim of self doubt I think the general answer would be no. I am usually pretty confident in my abilities and (sometimes stupidly) dive head first into my ideas. But I have to admit, sometimes, even if I do not voice it... doubt creeps up on me... and honestly, it steals away my joy in one swift motion. It is easy to second guess your decisions in life and wonder if you should or shouldn't do something. Then lets say you jump into a choice... then you wonder what would have been different if you chose another direction. Doubt can consume you. So how do I handle this? Well sometimes I don't. Sometimes I doubt my decision to become a full time wedding photographer. I wonder if I am good enough... I wonder if I will ever see light the way my ever so talented husband Jordan does, ever have his composition skills and creative eye. But then something happens. Something always reminds me that I CAN DO THIS. We recently shot one of the sweetest couples for their engagement session, and I left feeling empowered. I got some shots that I am honestly so proud of, and it reminded me that I quit my 9-5 job to pursue this for a reason. SO I am going to leave this food for thought with you. You are capable of more than you think. If you dwell on what you thought you could do or what might happen, you will miss out on the opportunities right in front of you.


I know up and quitting my job this time last year just weeks after our own wedding, and right before christmas is not for eveyrone... but I am so glad I decided to put that doubt aside and instead invested that energy into believe in myself.


And a special thanks to Jessica and Jordan whose photos brought me so much joy. I loved working with you both, and I can not wait for your big day!!


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