The Sutherland Wedding: Phoebe + Todd!


Despite being in a career that gives the allusion of being an extrovert, I am through and through an introvert. Crowds kind of scare me, talking in front of groups of people is... less than ideal. I work from home in the quiet and love it, and in general I keep to myself. It is honestly not my most favorite thing about myself, but it is what it is.... But this lack of... shall we shall social skills helps me in many ways that I have learnt to be thankful for. First off, I am pretty darn awkward (even if I hide it.) But my innate awkwardness helps me recognize when others feel awkward, so i like to think it helps smooth out sticky situations. Secondly, I am told I am quiet as a mouse... which is fabulous when your trying to eat two three pieces of cake at a wedding and you don't want someone to notice you...


But in all seriousness, although I have learnt to love this about myself, I can not help but be a little, well.. envious when I meet people like Phoebe and Todd. These two are the kind of people that are the life of the party, but not in the annoying attention hog kind of way... They are vibrant, fun, funny, AND actually really awesome nice people. Meeting not one, but two people like this is like finding a unicorn. Needless to say, we were beyond excited for this special day, and lets just say it did not disappoint! Phoebe and Todd, you guys are awesome, your wedding was wonderful, and I am pretty sure you should move to raleigh so I can start making my way to bestie status :) But I suppose in the mean time I will just share all the pretty :)


xo Nicole