The Pallet Project!

If you saw our booth from the January bridal show you know that we decided to take on the project of building a pallet wall to be used as the backdrop of our booth. Now this was quite the time consuming project- I mean i'm talking hundred of boards that had to be yanked apart... in the cold/rain. Heck this is even how we spent our New Years Eve! But I think we all here at Three Little Birds Studio think that it was well worth the effort as we were able to really showcase our stuff on such a neat feature! But then the show was over. And we had a 9ft x 8ft pallet wall sitting in our tiny front yard... with no where less unsightly to store it. Thats when Jordan looked at our dining room and thought to himself that that space looked about the same size as our booth. When he got his tape measure out we couldn't believe what we saw... the back wall of our dining room was 8ft x 9ft... the exact measurements of our pallet wall when placed on its side (so the boards go vertically instead of horizontally.) So we figured with a few tweaks our dining room could transform into a funky statement piece, as well as a storage solution for our booth display pride and joy!  

Well this past weekend we undertook this massive project... And I am happy to report that I happen to think it looks awesome :)



This is what is looked like pre-demolition. I just love that old window. palletwall2

Our good friend Roger came to help with the rewiring process. Putting giant holes in my wall alone gives me anxiety palletwall5palletwall17

While we had the studs exposed we decided to leave a little note for future home buyers to maybe see one day! palletwall6

Lexi my mini aussie was pretty pleased with her managerial positionpalletwall7

Starting recover the massive hole... palletwall8palletwall9

For those of you who know me, know I was having an internal meltdown with all the mess palletwall13

Sophie my sweet black lab figured she would guard the paint. Good  ol' girlpalletwall10palletwall11

We had to notch out the back of the wall to accommodate the crown molding!palletwall12

And Voila, it went up! palletwall14palletwall15

We just love the character these pallets bring into our newer build home, and the best part is that we can still easily take it down to be used at bridal shows and photo-booths! Win Win!

So tell us, what do YOU think of our little/huge project??