The Most Perfect Date


I really don't do mushy public affection. I like to think I am kind and friendly... but lovey dovey... not so much. I love my husband, I love my family, I love my dog... but these are things I tend to be a little more reserved about (maybe not my love of my dog.) But sometimes something happens and even I have to take a moment to publicly bask in the wonderful life I live with the most amazing man I know... my husband, my Jordan.

There are so many things that make Jordan the most wonderful guy I know, but last night he blew me away, and I just HAVE to share! It has been a little crazy around here and I have been a little lot stressed. So Jordan told me we were going to go out to dinner (which is a rarity in the Moering household!) to take a break from life. I was genuinely happy that he took the time to make plans to go out to eat and just have an evening together. But he wouldn't tell me were we were eating! It drove me a little crazy. Because of the secrecy, I figured it must be a nicer than average restaurant like Ruths Chris. Or maybe we were going to dinner AND a movie (yes i know its clearly not hard to impress me haha!)


Well we were kind of in the middle of nowhere and pulled into a long dark driveway and he said "we are here!" Here?? where the heck is here??? This isn't a restaurant!


Nope not a restaurant. It was better. It was Cloer Family Vineyards in Apex. The walkway up to their adorable winery was lined with candles. When we walked in and the owner, the ever so wonderful Pam greeted us, and walked us into the back room of the winery where there was a  table for two set up under the bistro lights with more candles and dinner. Thats right ladies and gentleman. Jordan rented out the entire winery and set up a private dinner and tour just for us! It was magical.


It was the best date of my entire life and I was just so surprised by this sweet gesture. But it was also awesome to take the tour of the vineyard and hear all about this awesome family owned business that has so much to offer! Not only do they make yummy wines but they also host a ton of events at the farm... from Saturday concerts to girls nights out... they do it all! And seriously Pam is the BEST! She is so kind and helpful, and really made the night just perfect!


So with that- thank you to my love, Jordan, for planning the most perfect romantic date night. It was the best reminder of just how lucky I am to call you my husband and I can't believe I get to be the one to call you my own for the rest of our lives. You are my most perfect other half, and I know... I am the luckiest.

xo Nicole


here is a not so great quality cell phone picture right after we arrived... it was seriously so cute :)