The Little Herb House Engagement: Jean and Jeff


So as I sit here typing this post there are a few things I am immensely grateful for. Couples that love us as much as we love them, beautiful sunsets, my crazy hardworking husband, and air conditioning. Seriously guys, I am really not cut out for this heat... I am quite literally melting away each time I even think of stepping outside. My intolerance for heat is actually part of the reason we planned our over seas trip for July, because I really can't take it- I am a baby! BUT I will say, even though it has been so stinking hot, we have had some really great sessions, so I guess it can't all be bad ;)


One of our recent sessions was with Jean and Jeff! They are getting married at The Little Herb House, a super cute Raleigh barn wedding venue, and they decided to do their engagement session there as well... which is awesome! W love it when couples do this because lets face it, venues are usually gorgeous, you get to use the space you are paying for more, and if you do your session during a different time of year than your wedding then you will get a lot of variety from the space! So long story short, this summer engagement is the perfect additions to these guy's fall wedding story!!

Jean and Jeff, thank you for putting up with the heat, our corny jokes, as well as the bumble bee friends. You guys are such troopers and we hope you love this session as much as we do!!


PS- Congrats to Jeff, who is a baseball coach, for getting one of his players drafted!!! SO EXCITING!!!