The "Just Because" Dinner Soirée


I believe any reason, is reason enough to celebrate.

It is not very often in this crazy busy life that Jordan and I actually have the pleasure of having friends over to our home just to spend quality time with them... so when we do I feel like it is a special occasion! With that being said, when we had our sweet friends over a few days ago, I just couldn't help myself! We invited them over for a simple meal and hang out time, and what they walked into was a mini dinner party thanks to an over excited host... Seriously people, I never get to have people over. I was just too excited. So I took full advantage of the situation by  looking up yummy recipes, digging out the fine china, going to the farmers market for fresh flowers, and even found myself making some hand-frayed linen napkins in the middle of my office floor! I was all set for my casual dinner turned evening soiree. So was my set up a tad elaborate for the affair? Absolutely. Do I care? Not one tiny bit. Thank you Weston and Amber for humoring me and my overzealous hosting.... It was a fabulous evening with you both, and hey, those flowers smelt pretty darn good.