The Cotton Room Wedding: Danielle + Wayne

It is no secret that there are a few things in life that i really love. bread, chocolate cake.... and SNOW! I really really love the cold and snow more than I can describe. unfortunately living here in the south we don't get much of that fluffy white goodness. But when Danielle + Wayne met with us last year to talk about their February wedding we joked about how awesome it would be if it snowed... knowing full well that it probably wouldn't happen. Well guess what y'all.... during the reception Danielle came up to me and said those magic words... "Nicole can we go outside for portraits because it is snowing!!!" Obviously we send HECK YES!!! 


Words can not describe how thrilled I was to end such a GORGEOUS wedding day (can you say flower mantle and hand picked center pieces galore!) with shooting in the snow. It really was an absolute fairy tale from start to finish! 


Danielle + Wayne, thank you for making your dream wedding day our very own dream come true! 


xo Nicole