The Bradford Engagement: brooke + Eric


Gosh I just loved our time with Brooke and Eric for their engagement session! We got to shoot at the beautiful Bradford (thanks Courtney and Dana!) we got two play with not one but TWO aussies, and we got to spend time with this sweet but also super fun silly couple in the most perfect fall weather. SO pretty much it was a dream come true :) We walked we talked, we laughed a ton and took some photos along the way. It is sessions like this one that really remind me how much I just love my job and all the people it brings me too! I remember a few years back feeling like I was kind of disappearing. No one really knew who I was, I didn't feel like i had found my "thing" yet and I don't know... it was kind of deflating. Then Brooke totally made my day when she said she saw me at the farmers market a few weeks before our session, and recognized me, but felt silly saying hi to a total stranger. Well, for a girl who went from being invisible to being told they were recognized.. it's kind of epic in my book haha! So to all you out there, if you run into me in the "real world" feel free to say hi- you will most likely make my day :)


xo Nicole