The #1 question our brides ask us...

When our couples become part of the Forage + Film family we are just so thrilled to be a part of their wedding journey! I mean really, how cool is our job? But it goes so much deeper than just showing up on the wedding day. We want to help guide our sweet couples through the entire wedding process, and answer any questions they have that pop up! One of our most frequently asked questions is: "what should we wear or bring to our engagement session?!?" 

This is such a great question, because setting yourself up for a successful shoot is so important as it sets the tone for your wedding experience! We would HATE for any of our couples to walk into, or out of their E-sesh feeling like they didn't nail it. So we always give our little words of wisdom to help guide them to ensure they have the best possible shoot. We really believe in the advice we give so I decided to share it with all of YOU guys too!! 

1.) Ladies, invest in yourself! You are going through this crazy stressful process of planning a wedding and it is hard! So you deserve to be able to sit back relax, be pampered and put your best foot forward! I can not even begin to explain how valuable having your hair and makeup professionally done for your shoot it. Not only will you look amazing, you will FEEL like the So go invest in yourself and get in that well deserved "me time" and maybe sip on a cocktail or two while you are at it. As far as we are concerned, it's "ME-mosa time."  Need a stylist? Sam with LULA is actually a magician and I wish she lived in my home so I could really wake up fabulous. 

2.) Add something new and fun to the closet! Think about it. If you show up to your shoot in the same clothes you wear all the time, you are going to feel the same way you do all the time. So much of having a successful session is based on the way you feel! Breaking out of your routine and making this a special EXPERIENCE as opposed to an extension of your every day will change your perception! So go get you and your fiancé a new outfit to treat the shoot like the social occasion it is! There are so many great resources for this. Forever 21 has some great affordable looks, or you can get fancy and try out our personal favorite resource- Rent The Runway! Seriously, amazing designer styles for next to nothing? Yes please! 

3.) Speaking of clothing..... colors and pattern make a BIG difference. Our aesthetic is organic timeless images, and if your one of our couples thats probably your aesthetic too! But did you know the colors and fabrics you choose have a BIG impact on your overall gallery? We highly recommend sticking to LIGHT neutral colors. Think soft grey, light blues, blush, whites and nude. We recommend staying away from LOUD bright patterns. However the guys, if you are going to have a plaid bigger is better as those small checkers can do some weird things in camera. And material? Organic fabrics tend to photograph really well! Linen, twill, cotton, chiffon are all awesome. Light fabrics and structures that catch the wind are also simply amazing! 

4.) Props are a big one. We think props should match your shoot and enhance the overall look- NOT be random side addition that doesn't make sense with the "story." What does this mean? Well if your having a shoot in a beautiful open field and we take all these lovely romantic photos in your soft neutral outfits, but then you bring a bright Orange balloon for a few photos, it doesn't make sense right? Instead use props to create a story and feel. For example, while in France, we had Greg Finck shoot a styled anniversary session of Jordan and I! we had an afternoon picnic in a lavender field with some champaign to toast, and charcuterie to munch on, in the soft lavender tones, and neutral pallet. To help you with your props we recommend creating a "style board" of the look your going for to help hone in your direction! We are also happy to help you this this! 

5.) There is nothing greater than adding depth and texture to your shoot. Our FAVORITE way to do this is through FLORALS! Seriously there is NOTHING in this world a flower crown our bouquet won't fix. Seriously hop on over to our friends site, Meristem Florals to see how happy you instantly feel. 

6.) Try not to worry about your session! You hired us so we hope you trust us! Trust our expertise in the best time to start for good light, our feed back on location, as well as our ability to capture your best self! We promise none of our clients are professionals, which means they are new to it just like you! We have taken care of them and we will take care of you too!! 


I hope this helps check off a few things on that worry list, and helps you walk into your session feeling like a pro, because trust us, YOU GOT THIS!!!