Talent is Everywhere!

To say we know some fabulous people is such a huge understatement! We have some of the best clients, amazing friends, colleagues, and families. We are truly so blessed! One of our talented friend is the lovely Susannah. I have known Susannah since my undergrad days,  and we worked together over at student media. She is now a freelance graphic designer, as well as the co-founder of the triangle Instagram account RDUBaton! While doing all that she managed to also create her super fabulous blog, Feast and West, which marries design, food, and travel all into one! It is seriously awesome, so you should all check it out! So when it came time to do a little rebranding my dear friend Susannah was the first person that came to mind! She took our pre-existing logo and turned it into something we just adore, and we feel it represents our business just perfectly. The beautiful pastel tones, and hand lettering are just perfect. Don't you just love these??




So, thank you Susannah for making our logos just that much more perfect for us... your vision as always is right on point! You are the best :)


xo Nicole