Sydney & Jonathan: Married!


I know what you MUST be thinking... Geez Nicole, why are you posting two weddings in one week? You MUST be getting behind. But let me just say, that is not the case (for once!) Our first week in October was our first double-header weekend, and I am happy to say we have completed them both, AND shot two more weddings since then! Take that crazy October month!!


And if I had to choose a wedding to be wedding number 2 on a weekend, this one would for sure be at the top of my list. There is nothing like walking up to a venue in sweet fall air, only to find delicately hung bistro lights, hand crafted signs, vintage furniture, and a pair of old doors. This is photography heaven if you ask me. And that is exactly where we were for Sydney and Jonathans wedding! All of their decorations were just so adorable, and the two of them were just SO happy all day long. It was like shooting a fairytale. It was also nice to see the vintage look take on a POP of color for a change. This unique twist on burlap and lace was just so inspiring, and it all tied together so well to help create this beautiful wedding day. Sydney and Jonathan, we were so thrilled to capture all of your amazing details, and we know your marriage will be every bit as beautiful :)


xo Nicole