Stephanie & Craig- Married!


A few months ago I mentioned that I shot my first wedding ever without Jordan! Although it was pretty intimidating, I actually ended up having a TON of fun... mostly thanks to the SUPER sweet couple that was getting married! Not only were the colors of this day so amazing, but also Stephanie had like a million dollar smile.... AND they had a mega dance party at the reception!!! I am talking throwing the bride and groom up IN THE AIR!!!! Seriously this day was just so wonderful and perfect, and I am so grateful that I was able to get out there and just focus on my images as opposed to having my poor brain (mostly unnecessarily) focusing on what i am doing and what Jordan is doing. Now before you start thinking Jordan needs someone to hold his hand and make sure he is doing his job I want to stop you right there. Jordan always does a stellar job, and is A OK on his own. But I am a worrier. He could be the worlds greatest photographer of all time and I would still be worrying. Also on a wedding day, as business parters and as a husband and wife team, we really rely on each other for physical, creative and emotional support.... weddings are a lot to take on!


So I am super proud of myself for getting out there without my #1 guy, and am so happy I got to enjoy this day. But don't worry honey, I would still rather shoot WITH you any every day of the week :)


PS... TODAY I have the RDUBATON!! If you are not sure what this is then totally look it up! But in short, it is an Instagram account that has a different person posting to it each day, and highlights the best of the RDU area! So if you have Instagram, come follow my day today! @RDUBATON


xo Nicole