Sarah + John: Engaged!


As I looked out my window I was sad to see it was thundering and lightning AGAIN here in good ol Raleigh. Just perfect. But I really wanted to shoot Sarah and Johns engagement session as their big day was fast approaching, and we also didn't want to wait till the heat of the mid summer. So I emailed and asked if they wanted to dive head first into the shoot, bring some cute umbrellas and see what happens? She emailed me right back and said "let's do it!" This was a girl after my own heart... fearless and optimistic, and I adore her for it!


So we arrived at Pullen Park, and at that moment the rain stopped and the thunderstorms stayed away, and it ended up being perfect because the park was completely empty (every photogs dream!) Even though it was not the sunniest afternoon, this absolutely precious pair made it just perfect! We loved every moment of our time with these two and we can not wait for their summer wedding- it is so soon I can almost see it!


Happy Monday!!

xo Nicole