Raleigh Plantation Engagement: Tara & Matt!


I know I have mentioned many times in the past how wonderful our clients are... because it is SO true. They are just the best. But I have to say Tara may be one of the sweetest. Unbeknownst to me, our email server decided  to go on the fritz, and only deliver about HALF the emails I sent. You could say I was in a state of panic! I take a lot of pride in being a timely and consistent emailer, so this literally crushed me. One of the victims of my email snafu was Tara. Her engagement session prep email never found its way to her- so the night before the session she emailed me. Not to complain, but to make sure everything was ok! Like I said she is just the sweetest.


Despite the email mishap before the session, these two totally ROCKED their engagement session. Tara and Matt are just so cute together, and we even got to hang out with their sweet labs, Bear and Dixie!! Between that and the perfect light, really this ended up being one of my favorite sessions!! It just goes to show that sometimes you fail ( we are human- its going to happen)... But with an amazing team of people around, and the best darn clients ever, it doesn't have to mean disaster.


So THANK YOU Tara for being so incredible, we adore you both and can not wait for the big day!!!


xo Nicole, the human being that sometimes fails.