Raleigh Couples Session: Gia and Tommy


You know, new love is fun and exciting. Your on the brink of something new, and you are just bursting with joy at the though of walking down that isle in the perfect white dress. But married love... this may be one of my favorites. You have a "been there done that" mentality which automatically puts you at ease. Yes these are the arms that hold you, and it is both comforting AND romantic. The sense of belonging is just so evident to us when we get to shoot a couple thats already married, and we just LOVE it! Gia and Tommy's epic two part session was no exception to this. Watching these two (gorgeous) people love each other, play with each other and well.. tease each other was just so wonderful to capture!! In fact it was so wonderful that I am posting their epic portrait turned trash the dress session in TWO parts, and I think you will see why!


Gia and Tommy, thank you so much for letting us capture this amazing time in your lives... it was beyond fun and I hope you cherish these moments for a life time :)


xo Nicole