Raleigh CLIC Conference

There is no better feeling than walking into a room full of other amazing talented photographers. Actually there is... Walking into a room full of women with the biggest hearts, that are there to learn and grow with you, as  well as lift you up in this industry... Oh yeah and they are exceptional photographers. This was my past weekend at the CLIC Conference. Exciting right? So what is the CLIC Conference you ask? Well the fabulous Kelly Martin of Kelly Martin Photography, saw a need for a conference in the area that catered to photographers helping photographers grow, expand, realize their potential... and ultimately serve their clients better! So Kelly put together a two part experience, with the first day being a conference. Kelly wrangled some of the top professionals, not only in photography, but also leaders of business growth and development.  So who was at this conference you ask? Enter THE Katelyn James of Katelyn James Photography. Oh yeah, the minute I got the opportunity to listen to this lady speak in my area I practically LEAPT onto that bandwagon. And let me tell you, this Virginia photographer is all that and a big bag of chips. She is so incredibly sweet, and humble. Seriously her work is amazing, and she is on top of this industry, but humors little 'ol me by giving me a hug when she met me. Dreams do come true people.

Now as amazing as it is to meet one of my idols, and listen to her speak about her business, I gotta tell y'all, I was unexpectedly blown away by something else at this conference. I got to listen to Megan Huber talk about her recipe for a successful business (girl you rock!) and the ever so funny Mollie Stillman educate us on the power of social media... and both were exceptional in their own right! But then Amanda Hedgepeth, of Amanda Hedgepeth Photography, walks up to the mic. Now I don't know how many of you have met Amanda, but when I see this teeny 5 foot nothing blond woman walk up (and I mean this oh so lovingly,) I was not expecting what I got. I am still asking myself "how does so much LIFE and joy and talent, and kindness come out of such a small person??" Guys this girl blew me away. I came home and I was seriously raving about her non-stop all night to my husband. This woman can do it all. She is a momma of a toddler and a baby that is just a few months old... now I am not a parent, but I am pretty sure that is a full time job in itself... but she is also so much more. She is a full time wedding photographer, running her own business, a mentor, a coach, and manages to be so kind and have a heart the size of Texas. Did I mention she is super talented in ALL of these areas? Impressive, I know.


Like I said, every single woman that was apart of this conference, from planning, to set up, to speaking and what not, was amazing. But I guess this helped remind me that there are so many people in this world that have something you can learn from. It is easy to find the super big names in the industry ( think Jasmine Star, and Katelyn James) and fail to see there is talent everywhere! I am so glad I got to be inspired by Amanda, and I am even more thankful that this reminded me to reach out and search for so much more in this industry.... you'll be surprised by what you can find!


So enough jibber jabber... Onto a lighter note. The hands-on workshop that was on day two of this conference was a blast. I got to see how many other photographers strutted their stuff, and can say I learnt from each and everyone of them! Thats a lot of learning people!


So on that note... here are some of my favorite images from the day!


Enjoy :) clic2CLIC Workshop0016_0314clic5CLIC Workshop0018_0314CLIC Workshop0026_0314clic1CLIC Workshop0035_0314CLIC Workshop0037_0314CLIC Workshop0039_0314CLIC Workshop0044_0314clicdCLIC Workshop0053_0314CLIC Workshop0054_0314clic3CLIC Workshop0057_0314clic4