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We have had 11 weddings over the past 13 Saturdays, a commercial shoot, a (wonderful) slew of engagement sessions, bridal portraits (that i can't WAIT to share!) and have been in 3 different states in addition to the 7 different cities. To say this past two and a half months or so have been insane is an understatement. but its been insane in a GOOD way.... a way I am SO SO thankful for, and will never take for granted. We are so thankful to all of our couples and clients that ask as to be a part of their special moments, no matter where they are in the world!!


BUT I would be lying to you if I said we were not tired. And in need of a little US time. I know it may seem that Jordan and I get to spend a ton of time together since we work together and all... but unfortunately that is just not our reality. Between this company, Jordan's other company, and his PhD work, time together is scarce.

But now we have the WONDERFUL opportunity to travel around Europe over these next few weeks together. We are beyond excited for this time together... this time to create lasting memories, time to deepen our relationship, and time to grow MORE in love with one another. What does that mean for all you lovely souls reading this post? It means we are going to be a little MIA! You won't be seeing much activity here on the blog, or Facebook. And while we will try to maintain our inbox and reply to emails, it will be delayed and answered by order of importance. But don't worry, our FABULOUS intern Corinne is holding down the fort in raleigh, so if you need anything fro us and are looking for a more speedy reply you can reach out to her at Corinne {at} tlbsllc {dot} com !


As much as we are trying to stay away from "work" during this time we WILL be updating our instagram. Because we are addicted. And love it. And want to share. So be sure to follow us on instagram at @tlbsllc ! We will also be using the hashtag: #TlbsEurotrip2015 :)


Thank you all for your understanding, and we can't wait to see you all soon, and share all the tales of our adventures!!


xo Nicole

Photo by: Six Foot Photography