Our Happy Place: Asheville Adventures!

As you may have seen from our previous blog post, we were fortunate enough to go to Asheville to do Madi and Kyle's engagement session (did you mis it? See it here!) a few weeks ago. Well, we decided to make a long weekend out of it, and spend a little alone time in the city that we got engaged in and married in! It was really special for us since we had not been back since our own big day, so the air was sweet with wedding day nostalgia- a happy reminder of how lucky we are to have the life we live! So we started our weekend spending time with one amazing couple, and then got to spend some alone time together in such a beautiful place... what could possibly make it better? Cake. Thats what.  

As I mentioned we got married in the Asheville area ( Claxton Farm to be exact) so our wedding cake bakery was of course in Asheville. A while back I contacted City Bakery, who made our wedding cake, about possibly having then do two simple little trial type cakes for us to come eat, since neither one of us actually got to eat a piece of our wedding cake... Side note, yes we each had our own wedding cake. What can I say, we I like cake. Because City Bakery is seriously amazing, they were happy to make us two teeny cakes made in our cake flavors. So when we found out we would be returning to Asheville I emailed Sarah with City Bakery and arranged to have them made.


So since we were getting cake, Jordan and I concluded that we would also need something to drink. And something to balance out the sweetness... and an epic view, since, mountains. The result? We packed a bad full of the essentials prior to picking up the cakes: wine, an assortment of cheese, and a map to an overlook on top of the mountains. We were all set, minus the simple cakes. So we got to the bakery, and I let them know I was picking up, and the lady brought out to fairly large boxes... at first I assumed they just took their packaging seriously. I mean, I am all for protecting cake. But when I opened the boxes up, I did not get what i was expecting. Instead of two tiny simple pieces of cake, the wonderful Sarah made us two small replicas of our actual wedding cake! Jordan and I were so blown away by the kindness of everyone at City Bakery- really I can not thank them enough!


So I hope you enjoy our pre-one year anniversary wedding cake eating, wine sipping, and cheese devouring, mountain top pictures... It was a moment in time I will forever cherish.


xo Nicole


p.s I look a hot mess. It was a steep hike. I don't work out...don't judge haha.

Our awesome cakes pre consumption. Don't mind the slightly squished areas... its hard to hike up a mountain with two cakes in tow!

The view was amazing.... Wine? Yes please!Jordan picked me some "flowers." Always the romantic...Jordan doing what he does... taking a selfie.