My Grandfather....




Today is a hard day. Today I will find myself amongst family and friends, all gathered to celebrate one of the greatest men I knew. My grandfather was a complicated man. He wasn't the kind of sweet little ol man that everyone loved instantly, but if you had the privilege of getting to know him, you would find that what you got was so much more than that... and it was so much better.

My grandfather was brilliant. I know a lot of people claim to be smart, but he was beyond that. He had top level security clearance with the government, because quite frankly, he could do anything. I do not, to this day, fully understand the complexities of the things my grandfather helped create, but I know that he was special.

My grandfather was funny. I am not talking about your silly slapstick, "watch me pull of my thumb off" kind of funny. I am talking witty, dry, and sarcastic... just the kind of humor I love. If you needed a good one-liner... he was the man for the job. My grandfather was was special.

My grandfather had a backbone of steel, and that is something he thankfully passed down to me (if you were to survive his humor, you needed it.) My grandpa never let anything stop him, he was not afraid, and he was brave. He fought in wars, got his legs frozen, had so many surgeries, won against the angel of death many times, and was even brain washed. Yet I have never seen him be afraid. My grandfather was special.

My grandfather had a taste for the finer things in life. He would buy a car, and then a year later get the newest one because well... it had a tv. You think you have the newest phone? He had one newer... in fact he probably had two. He knew how to LIVE and enjoy life. He would ski down a mountain, and race you to the lift to do it again... because there is no such thing as having enough fun, or too many awesome gadgets. My grandfather was special.

My grandfather gave me a best friend. He married my grandmother, Sally. She is forever my soul sister, my best friend, and mentor. Without my grandfather I would not have her, and my heart would not be complete. My grandfather was special.


My grandfather loved me. And i loved him, and I will forever be grateful for every thing he game me in this life... both big and small.


Because, my grandfather is special.