Molly & Nathan: Engaged!


It is not very often we get the opportunity to shoot in the midst of our own city- Raleigh. SO when Molly mentioned wanting to use our very own downtown for her engagement session back drop I was so excited. I just love any skyline, concrete rooftops and anything that comes with it. Now you may think a city shoot can feel less cozy, and perhaps sterile, BUT when you bring your awesome polar bear/dog to your shoot, and have an amazing sunset, like Molly and Nathan had, there will be nothing cold about it! And seriously you two, I kind of want to steal your dog... but #wigglebuttlexi might not appreciate that.


Any way, we had such a wonderful time during this session, and we even got to enjoy a downtown Raleigh dinner with this sweet couple afterwards which was just so fun. We love it when we get to actually spend time outside of shooting with our clients, because we feel like all of our clients are pretty dang cool... so I am ok with being ALL of your best friends ;) But really... such a nice treat for us! So thanks Molly and Nathan for hanging out with us, and letting us take your picture, it was awesome!!


xo Nicole