Meet Our Intern!


Gosh, when I posted that we were looking for an intern I was terrified. We have never had an intern before so a couple of things were racing through my mind.


Would anyone even apply? I mean who would want to work with us???

What type of things would our intern do? Would they learn? Would they be bored?

Who would be our ideal intern? Spunky, knowledgable, new, shy??

How will I pick an intern, if more than one person applies??


Well as soon as I hit the "post" button for the internship it was sink or swim. And then something crazy happened. We got emails.... applying for OUR internship! It was crazy! I have never been so humbled in my life, then when fellow photographers, from all experience levels and walks of life started applying to work with us and learn from us. It truly was a life highlight. But that meant I had to figure out how to pick an intern, via interviews. And let me tell you... being interviewed is challenging. Being the INTERVIEWER... way way worse. So to those that had to sit through my interview, I applaud you, and thank you for your kindness and patience... it was no easy task for me!


But I found that as I sat and spoke to the candidates I started to realize more and more of what I was looking for. I wanted someone that felt like they had always been a part of the company. Someone to work WITH us, not for us... someone that could just as easily be a friend. Someone with a strong desire to LEARN, not the desire to prove what they knew (even if they knew a whole lot!) We wanted someone to love our dogs, and someone that could love our clients.


And guess what. We found the perfect intern. I am BEYOND excited to introduce to you the newest member of the TLBS team: Corinne!







Corinne is just the SWEETEST ever, and we adore her. Something that we really appreciate about this girl is her passion for MANY things. She loves to bake, knit (which is freaking awesome) garden, craft, take photos, go on adventures... and watches Wolf Pack basketball. Like I said, she is a winner. But the main point here is that her creativity and inspiration reaches far past the world of photography, and that is INVALUABLE to any creative company. I look forward to the fresh perspective she offers, as well as her sweet 16-35mm wide angle lens :)

Now that you have met this adorable intern of ours, here is what you can expect:


Corinne will be posting insights of her own here on the blog- so it won't just be me rambling... yay!

Corinne will be attending weddings and sessions with us, so get ready to meet her!!

Corinne will help handle all things TLBS during our travels to make sure you are all well taken care of!!

Along with all that she will be learning and soaking up this crazy world we are in- hooray!


Corinne, thanks for joining us, we are SO happy to have you!!


xo Nicole