Maria + Wesley: Engaged!


When Maria told me her favorite colors (and wedding colors) were going to be some combination of grey and white I just KNEW we were going to adore this couple! THEN she told me that her and her sweet finance, Wesley, were thinking of doing their engagement shoot at his families golf course..... and THEN she told me she wanted to bring along an antique church pew. I could have DIED I was so excited!

While we absolutely adore doing all engagement sessions, when couples have places and things that are special to them for us to incorporate into the shoot it brings that much more purpose, and meaning into the session! Sure we love any cute prop just as much as the next, and there are some really beautiful spots here in Raleigh... but I am telling you, being able to shoot with that much more meaning is really so exciting :) Needless to say, we had a great time fighting the cold with the amazing couple, and even got to drive golf carts around!! Side note... one of the last times I was in a golf cart someones own father flung them out of it... while she was holding a putter.... giving her a busted lip and black eye.... I am talking to you dad.

Anyway, Maria and Wesley, thank you for letting us be a part of this special time, and we can not wait for the big day!!

xo Nicole