Life is precious

Sometimes something happens that will just snap you back to reality and remind you what is important in life... We had the great pleasure of stopping by one of our sweet friends (and past bride and groom!), home to take some pictures of their adorably sweet baby, Ben, who you may remember from a few posts ago :)  We, as usaul, had a fantastic time with the entire family taking photos outside by the lake, enjoying the beautiful day and great company. We left feeling refreshed and filled with joy- we just love our job. But sometimes we forget just how important what we do is! We are responsible for capturing precious moments in peoples lives that will never happen again, no one can ever get these moments back... and this is what hit me this week.

A few days after taking photos of little Ben we saw a message from the mom that just ached at my heart. Apparently that morning little Ben stopped breathing, and became unresponsive. Thanks to a smart mommy that managed to stay calm she was able to take the necissary actions to get her little one breathing again while waiting for the ambulance. Can you imagine the fear? I am SO SO happy to say that both baby and mom are fine- but it makes me cherish each moment that much more! Life is short, and the people we have near and dear are important.

Go home today and tell your loved ones just how much they mean to you... share sweet kisses, hug your baby, or squeeze your puppy. This life doesnt last forever!


On that note, here are some of our favorites from our shoot with little Benjamin!


xo N

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