Lake Trash The Dress Session: Gia & Tommy!


Now I told you Gia and Tommy had a pretty epically fun session!!! It started off with their adorable portrait session which can be seen here, and then we went into a trash the dress session at the lake! Gosh watching these two toss paint around like nobodies business, then leaping into the lake was pretty much the greatest day ever. Plus I learnt a couple of key things:


1. Jordan lake in the summer is actually surprisingly warm.Not freezing like it was when Jordan and i jumped in in DECEMBER

2. always packing a change of clothes is a great idea

3. when tossing paint in the air like ya just don't care, you can go through a surprising amount

4. Wedding dresses will first make you float. Then sink. You rock Gia.

5. Anyone even kind of near the dock will gather to watch a couple covered in paint jump off the dock. Once again- Gia and Tommy, you rock and are kinda (in)famous.

6. Yes the bottom of the lake is mushy. Ewe.


So any way, the only thing that might have made this day better is if these two brought their adorable horse St. Bernard along, who sadly had to stay home sue to surgery :( But I think he is recovering well, and probably enjoyed smelling all the goodies left all over Gia and Tommys lake clothes once they got home ;) Now that i have rambled enough I suppose it is time to share the fun photos!! We hope you enjoy!!


xo Nicole