Kitty Hawk Wedding: Laura and Adam!


Weddings are beautiful... they are filled with flowers, pretty dresses, hair and makeup... pocket squares and cake. There are always so many THINGS (albeit wonderful things) charging through a wedding day that sometimes it swallows us whole... and we lose our center and purpose. Well, Laura and Adams special day at the beautiful outer banks was JUST what we needed to remind us what this whole marriage thing is all about... love, and family.


The love between Adam and Laura was practically tangible, as it is with all our newly wed couples... but there was also something different. This wedding was made up of about 25 guests TOTAL. This included close family and friends from  all parts of these two's life. But someone was missing. I don't want to air to much personal information, or get too mushy on you, but Laura's momma sadly passed recently.. which meant this beautiful bride didn't have her mother by her side as she got ready for one of the happiest days of her life. And as much as my heart broke for this amazing woman that is our bride (I literally cried throughout the day randomly...) something positively beautiful happened. This group of family... brothers, sisters, aunts, cousins and friends filled this beach home with more love and support than I have EVER seen on a wedding day. Watching Laura and her sister Lisa was so POWERFUL. This was a group of people that knew how to stick together... and how to lift those who have fallen.


In the end, I know that Lauras mom WAS part of this big day. She was there in spirit, she was there in the ring sewn on the inside of Lauras wedding dress... she was there even on her flowers. And I am just so thankful that Jordan and I got to be there too. Because  this wedding, was one for the books.


Congrats Laura and Adam... we adore you both, and we hope your life is always filled with this much love.


xo Nicole