Katie + Marc: Engaged!


You know, for some reason I have always had this little thing against Charlotte NC... and honestly I am not really sure why. I mean it is home of Ikea after all... it can't possibly be all that bad? None the less, it has never been on my "must go see list." But then one of our brides mentioned wanting to do a shoot out in that area, and how could I say no?!? So Jordan and I loaded up the car and made the trek... When we arrived at the location there were a couple of things I noticed. The gorgeous purple trees, Katie's impeccable style (hello pastel tones!) and they were even bringing their yorkie! I slowly started to decide that this Charlotte place wasn't so bad after all..  Then we got to shooting this absolutely ADORABLE couple. At that moment Charlotte became a member of the "Nicole likes this place list!" We had such a GREAT time with you Katie and Marc, and we are beyond excited for your wedding this summer. And thank you for bringing us out to Charlotte... we actually kinda loved it :)


xo Nicole