Jillian: Bridal Portraits

Can I just say, Holy Gorgeous. Jillian was such a stunning bride... I mean between the stunning lace train on her dress, and her incredible blue eyes... it is enough to make any girl a tad bit envious. We had such a wonderful time at Jillian and Zachs wedding, and although I am sad it is over, I am super stoked to share these bridals with y'all! The day we set out to do this there was a 60% chance of thunderstorms! Great. And right as our bride-to-be pulled up it started to mist. But that was it! It "rained" for about 5 minutes. So not only did this far of "thunderstorm" pass right by us without disturbance, it also gave us MUCH cooler temperatures but it also provided us with a FABULOUS breeze, and the most beautiful sunset! It really was amazing!

Jillian, we had such a great time taking these with you (and your awesome mom) and we hope you love them as much as we do!


xo Nicole