Honor and Zach: A timeless wedding affair!


When Honor and Zach asked us to be their wedding photographers, we were in shock! Here we are just little North Carolina photographers, and we were asked to go to the Big Apple for one of the classiest, most timeless weddings I have ever seen!

The moment we saw the venue we KNEW it was going to be a special event! From the outstanding craftsmanship, to the hanging chandaliers, The Lotos Club dripped with class and elegance. Then, to top it all off, just outside its doors was 5th Ave and Central Park! What a dream....

While getting getting ready and the reception were held at The Lotos Club, the ceremony took place at The Brick Presbyterian Church. Guys, it was just magical inside! Seriously a stunning church...

Honor and Zach, thank you so much for allowing us to be a part of your wedding journey! Your special day was just so perfect... and Honor, you were the most beautiful bride :)

Vendors: Dress: Romona Keveza at Kleinfeld Bridal, NYC

Shoes: Caparros

Hair: Varin Salon, 762 Madison Avenue, New York, NY, 10065

Florist: Jerome Florist, 1379 Madison Avenue, New York, NY 10128

Caterer: The Lotos Club

Groom’s suit: Wilke Rodriguez

Cake: A Simple Cake

Handkerchief maker: MisterandMrs Etsy Shop

Bridesmaid Dress: David’s Bridal

Trumpet Player: Nathan Warner

Baritone: Constantinos Yiannoudes

Organist: Keith S. Toth

Mother’s Dress: J Crew Bridal

Veil: Peter Langner

2014-06-23_0001.jpg 2014-06-23_0002.jpg 2014-06-23_0010.jpg

2014-06-23_0009.jpg 2014-06-23_0011.jpg 2014-06-23_0003.jpg 2014-06-23_0007.jpg 2014-06-23_0004.jpg 2014-06-23_0005.jpg 2014-06-23_0020.jpg 2014-06-23_0021.jpg 2014-06-23_0022.jpg 2014-06-23_0008.jpg 2014-06-23_0019.jpg 2014-06-23_0013.jpg 2014-06-23_0014.jpg 2014-06-23_0012.jpg 2014-06-23_0015.jpg 2014-06-23_0016.jpg 2014-06-23_0017.jpg 2014-06-23_0018.jpg 2014-06-23_0023.jpg 2014-06-23_0024.jpg

2014-06-23_0026.jpg 2014-06-23_0028.jpg 2014-06-23_0029.jpg 2014-06-23_0030.jpg 2014-06-23_0031.jpg

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2014-06-23_0035.jpg 2014-06-23_0036.jpg 2014-06-23_0038.jpg 2014-06-23_0039.jpg 2014-06-23_0040.jpg 2014-06-23_0041.jpg 2014-06-23_0042.jpg 2014-06-23_0043.jpg 2014-06-23_0044.jpg 2014-06-23_0045.jpg 2014-06-23_0046.jpg 2014-06-23_0047.jpg 2014-06-23_0048.jpg 2014-06-23_0049.jpg 2014-06-23_0050.jpg 2014-06-23_0052.jpg 2014-06-23_0053.jpg 2014-06-23_0054.jpg 2014-06-23_0055.jpg 2014-06-23_0056.jpg 2014-06-23_0057.jpg 2014-06-23_0059.jpg 2014-06-23_0060.jpg 2014-06-23_0061.jpg 2014-06-23_0062.jpg 2014-06-23_0063.jpg

2014-06-23_0065.jpg 2014-06-23_0064.jpg 2014-06-23_0066.jpg 2014-06-23_0068.jpg 2014-06-23_0070.jpg 2014-06-23_0071.jpg 2014-06-23_0072.jpg

And as usual... we ended the night with a selfie :) 2014-06-23_0069.jpg