Historic Raleigh Park Engagement: Courtney + Walt


I have actually known Courtney for YEARS. I knew where she went to school, I knew what she did for fun, and what she was studying. But I hadn't ever met her. Sound Creepy? Well i promise it is not what you think, and it all comes together via my.... Grandma? Thats right. My Grandma and I have many things in common, one of which is our love of horses! We have always ridden together, and yes, to this day, you can find this seventy something year young woman flinging 50Lb bags of feed, shoveling poo, and riding her giant trusty steed Jet. Jet, her horse is actually also kind of a rock star. Everyone wants to ride him and show him because he is so cool. And enter Courtney. Courtney ended up meeting my grandma at the barn and they hit it off! Before I knew it my grandma was all "Courtney is riding jet... Courtney is showing jet... Courtney is winning on jet..." All i was thinking is, who the heck is this Courtney girl? Well when I did finally meet her, I understood.  She is not only a super talented rider, she is a crazy hard working vet school student, and just so super sweet! Lets just say I kind of want to be her. And luckily for me, her fiancé is just as awesome! Walt, who played football in college, may look like a giant, bt really he is sweet as can be and knows how to make his finance laugh, which is great for me! These two sports lovers/competitors can be found playing a "friendly" game of golf, at any given time, and just are so cute together.


You guys I am so excited to be along for this wild ride, and we can't wait for your big day!!


xo Nicole