Happy (sorta kinda maybe) Spring!

Let me tell you, as someone who grew up in England, then moved to Florida, to finally land in North Carolina, I feel like I have a pretty good grasp on what I do, and don't love when it comes to weather. Ask anyone, and they will tell you I love winter. Really... like love it. I want nothing more than to be snuggled under a warm fire, drinking my English tea, and perhaps reading a good book, on Christmas morning. However, I just wish winter would stay where it belonged!! I want to be bundled up, and rosy cheeked in January, not almost April. I want to be able to take out my warm coat in November, and then tuck it away in early March without wondering if I am going to have to schlep it out again next week because it decided to be 75 and sunny on Monday, and snowing on Wednesday. I mean am I alone here? I am so grateful for the cool nights that North Carolina gives me in the fall and winter... trust me baking year round in Florida ain't no picnic! But really.... sunburn one day, and snow burns the next? North Carolina you have got to get it together!  


Needless to say, as I was strolling through target earlier this week I found the most adorable chairs for our wee front patio. I guess my subconscious was trying to plea with this crazy weather, whispering, "I just want to sit in these chairs. In a t-shirt. Not freezing. Or raining."  So here is to hoping that soon many of my mornings can be spent basking in these beautiful sunrays that kiss my newly found favorite chairs... Coat free.

Happy Spring!