Hannah: A Gorgeous Bride!

Just the day before this session, Raleigh decided to turn into an extreme furnace. I am talking blistering heat, and humidity that made you WISH it was raining! So the next day as we were preparing for Hannah's bridal portraits, I was a little... concerned. I didn't want our lovely bride to melt away! But then, once again the universe was on our side. As we walked into the arboretum temperatures dropped, and the breeze started to pick up. By the time Hannah arrived, and we got to work, the weather was just perfect! With the warm glow-ey sun, the soft breeze, a seriously beautiful bouquet, and a dress with beading on the back to DIE FOR, even those strolling around the park had to stop and take a second to appreciate the beauty of the moment. Hannah, we are so happy we got to be a part of you and Brandon's wedding day, and we are so excited to share your bridal portraits... as you were one of the MOST beautiful brides :)  

xo Nicole