Gennilee and Nathan: Married

To say that Gennilee and Nathan are as sweet as they come is an understatement! When we first sat and met with this awesome couple and chatted about their upcoming wedding, they seemed to be equally interested in getting to know us- and even our dogs! By the end of the meeting, we were not only going to be involved with their big day, but we were also invited to the day-after -the-weeding celebration BBQ as guests! Needless to say we were so excited to be a part of their wedding date, and Gennilee was just so happy and stress-free during the whole day that it made everything so FUN! Then we got to the reception....and the party REALLY started happening! With great music, a super awesome bridal party, and shots galore, the night was so lively and an all around fabulous time..I think every guest will remember it as the greatest dance party of all time :) Gennilee and Nathan, congratulations on your beautiful wedding, and we know that all of the years to follow will be full of so much joy and FUN!


x0 Nicole