Flash back, Flash Forward Friday!


Gosh sometimes working from home can be torture... yes my endless supply of tea, cozy blankets and fluffy puppies while working are nice, but sometimes I wish there was a human being here to share the little (and sometimes big) things that happen throughout the day. But since that is not the case I suppose I will ramble on this blog instead- lucky you ;)

We have been pretty busy here at TLBS getting ready for our first wedding of the season tomorrow, as well as working on all of our spring engagement sessions, but I wanted to take a moment to look back at all the wonderful things that have already happened this year, as well as look forward to all the things to come! For instance, as you all are probably aware of by now, I love snow. And I just got finished with some pictures Jordan and I took during one of the TWO snow storms we got this year. Times like this, times spent with my family, are so important to me, and I am just so grateful to be in a profession that allows me to capture it, to keep for, well, forever.

As I mentioned there are great things to come. Our travels to Europe are not so far away, and I am also working with a bride who is getting married in New York City... at the Palace Hotel. I can not believe we get to return to one of our favorite places... and shoot at such a beautiful venue... that happens to serve as a major backdrop in the Gossip Girl TV series. Yes. I love GG. It is embarrassing. But I love it.


So much happening and we are just so excited for this year... it is already shaping up to be pretty incredible.

On that note... you may recall me saying there are exciting things coming to TLBS... and although Europe and NYC are VERY exciting, that is not the news I was referring too. Details are still being worked out, but this time I have a big hint... These photos were not taken with our standard Canon gear :)