Featured: Cat in a Wedding Dress!



Getting an email letting us know that a publication has chosen to feature our work is like getting to open presents on Christmas morning! It really is just so incredibly exciting, and the email from Cat in a Wedding Dress was no exception!! I love seeing what the author thoughts are on the session are as well as which photos they choose to publish. No matter how many times our work gets featured I don't think it will ever become less exciting.


But I am particularly proud of this feature. Why is that you ask? Well this session is one that we shot almost an entire year ago.... and it is STILL being picked up for features!! That mans that our work is standing the test of time and is remaining relevant! And that is an accomplishment I am very proud of. In this industry it is super easy to start to listen to those little voices in the back of you mind that tell you all the things you could have done differently.... could have done better. It makes a girl doubt their work as silly as I know that is! So this little reminder that we are here to STAY was just what I needed this morning.


So thank you Cat in a Wedding Dress for featuring this cheery session, and thank you to the sweet, now married couple in it! Danielle and Patrick, we enjoyed every moment of your wedding journey and kinda wish we could do it all over again because it was SO wonderful!


See the full feature here!


xo Nicole