Europe Adventures!


If you have been following along, then you know that Jordan and I were lucky enough to spend the month of July touring Europe! It was one of the best times in my life, and I so wish I could do it all over again... but I guess the next best thing is reliving it through images! We saw so many things, and really learn so much about Europe, the cultures, and really about traveling as a photographer! In fact, coming up will be a little insight on the HOW to make this kind of trip happen. But for now, I am just going to flood you with all the pretty that happened! I was lucky enough to participate in a film worship during our travels, which gave me the confidence to shoot most of our travels on our Contax 645- and  I am SO glad I did! These images will be cherished for a life time!! And a huge thanks to Photovision for continue to amazing me with the way you scan my images :)


Before heading to the workshop we spent a little time in Paris! We LOVED the markets with all the fresh produce. Heck food in general in France was pretty darn epic.

This was the balcony overlooking Nice in our little bed and breakfast! It was the quaintest location, and the owner was equally fabulous!

Monaco... honestly it was not our favorite. But there was this adorable Laduree Stand with all things delicious, and had some of the most magnificent stores... that we can't shop in haha. 

The French Riviera... I would live here. The water was AMAZING, and it was such a RELAXED group of people! 

Southern France was lined with Olive tree groves. These trees are the most perfect shade of green, and I was a little obsessed with them and we MAYBE trespassed to take a photo of them.

Oh yes, then there was that time we had our photos taken in the famous lavender fields! Jordan surprised me with this epic floral arrangement and a sweet little picnic with campaigns and cheeses. Don't worry, more pictures of this to come!

Gosh then we went to Prague, which I LOVED!! The buildings were amazing, the people were great and the culture was just so great to be surrounded by :) 

These chimney pastry things were THE BOMB!

Lastly we ended up in England with my family which is big on wind power, and cute door stoops. I love England and all its quaintness!