Is there a Doctor in the house?

Why yes there is, because Jordan just passed his defense and is officially a Ph.D!!! 

Words could not explain to you all how proud I am of my incredible husband. I think just about any one will tell you completing a Ph.D program successfully is impressive as is, but Jordans journey has been so much MORE than most even realize. And honestly I don't think he gets the high fives and group hugs he deserves, so I decided to share this victory with all of you, and give you a little insight into the man I get to call my husband!



y'all, the Material Science Engineering Ph.D program is a 4-5 year degree. Jordan is incredible and finished in 3 years, 2 months. Yes, he is that smart. 


Many of you know Jordan through his work here at Forage + Film, but what you might not know is he also is Owner/CEO of his own company too! He founded Warpspec Diagnostics during his graduate career and has already received national attention for his work! He has been invited to speak to the USDA, the DOD and the large corporations 


This one is obvious, but still deserves attention! Jordan may be a scientist but he is also an incredible artist, helping to take what is now known as Forage + Film from a dream to an international photography company through his amazing talent 


Again... this may seem mundane, but I think it is important to recognize more than just what someone does, by aknowledging the person they are.  And I have to say that Jordan is one of the most loving, caring, supportive husbands in the whole world. There is nothing this man wouldn't do or give for me, and for that I am eternally grateful and ridiculously lucky. 


So yes, Jordan is the wearer of all hats! He is a loving man, a Ph.D, a CEO, an entrepreneure creative and just kind of cool. Jordan I am so stinking proud of you, and can not WAIT to see where our life takes us from here! 


xo Nicole