Danielle & Wayne: Engaged


Gosh lately we have been just the luckiest photographers of all time. Not only do we have crazy amazing couples to shoot, but they have been taking us to the most ridiculous places of all time!! AND WE LOVE IT. We began our whirl wind east coast tour with a wedding about 2 hours from us last weekend, then we hopped in the car and made our way to the coast of South Carolina! Upon arriving in South Carolina we got to shoot at an incredible "castle on the sea" for Danielle and Wayne engagement session... and it was just perfect! The light was just spectacular, and you know I was just dying over all those teal accountants on the outer walls of this beautiful abandoned homestead. But what was even better was that this home on the sea had its own little private walk way to a secluded beach where we got to spend the remainder of the session during sunset. With that I think it is safe to say that this may be one of my favorite locations for a session ever... definitely top 5 for sure :)


Any who.... Danielle and Wayne  thanks for bringing us down south do enjoy some good 'ol South Carolina sunshine! We loved spending the afternoon with you, and can't wait for the big day!!!!


xo Nicole