Danielle & Patrick...and Jon!

Sometimes as a photographer you meet a potential client and you know instantly that this is one couple whose journey you want need to be apart of. As soon as we met Danielle and Patrick we instantly felt this way! Its not very often we have the pleasure of sharing so many little pieces of our lives with our clients! Danielle is not only a horse lover like me, but also was a photojournalist during her undergrad, much like Jordan and me! So needless to say we were pretty thrilled that a fellow photographer approved our our stuff, and liked it enough to let us be apart of their wedding experience! Now Danielle is not the only one that we found ourselves in familiar territory with... Patrick is also a post graduate engineering student like Jordan! I mean seriously, how awesome is this? To make everything even better, these two are just so incredible sweet and have such a fun love between the two of them! They met each other in their undergraduate career, and started their relationship as study buddies... I mean how cute is that? Needless to say we are just so excited to be apart of Danielle and Patricks wedding festivities, and can not wait for their big day! As promised in my previous blog post, here is a look into their gorgeous farm engagement session! Enjoy :) Danielle&Patrick_Engagement0014_0314Danielle&Patrick_Engagement0012_0314Danielle&Patrick_Engagement0021_0314BLOGPREVIEWBLOGPREVIEW3Danielle&Patrick_Engagement0043_0314Danielle&Patrick_Engagement0058_0314Danielle&Patrick_Engagement0055_0314BLOGPREVIEW2Danielle&Patrick_Engagement0049_0314Danielle&Patrick_Engagement0048_0314Danielle&Patrick_Engagement0039_0314Danielle&PatrickEngagement_01_JMDanielle&Patrick_Engagement0064_0314